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Sean is an extremely driven Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Coach, Lifestyle Coach, and Personal Trainer. He is also an experienced Bodybuilding Athlete associated with some of the top competitors and brands in the sport. At an early age, Sean developed his passion for competitive preparation through various individualized sports that demanded peak levels of physical performance. He is constantly seeking out innovative and scientific approaches to maximizing client health as well as physical and mental output. Although he possesses specialty certifications in Performance Enhancement, he enjoys catering to a large array of fitness and lifestyle goals. Sean loves motivating, inspiring, and pushing people to achieve drastic results. Whether his client is striving for weight loss, a high-caliber athlete, or a hard-charging professional; he can create and implement effective programs to launch them to success.

Expectations of the Athlete

  • Trust the process- to create the desired results, your progress will take patience and consistent effort over long periods of time.
  • An open line of communication- in order to make proper adjustments to programming and troubleshoot issues that may arise, thorough and honest feedback is required. If Sean doesn’t have an accurate representation of what is going on, you will not receive accurate programming/protocols.
  • Training effort- Sean has spent many years specializing in the weight training aspect of this process. He will demand high levels of effort and execution on the gym floor.
  • Timely check-in- due to Athlete volume and quality of service, it is paramount that check-ins are thorough and turned in at the requested times. You will not be chased down if it isn’t turned in.
  • All aspects of the program are adhered to- this will include but is not limited to: nutrition, supplementation, water/sodium intake, cardio/activity, and biofeedback recordings.

Expectations of the Coach

  • Thorough communication- Sean prides himself on his level of communication. Expect swift and thorough responses to check-ins and questions. (please allow for up to 48 hour response times, especially during competitive seasons).
  • Individualized nutrition & supplementation protocols- all nutritional and supplementation programming is tailored to the individual status, lab analysis, goals, and food/dieting preferences.
  • Cardio & activity programming- all cardio/activity programming is individualized to fit the athlete’s goals and lifestyle.
  • Full training programming & form analysis- training programming will be thorough and adjusted according to feedback and progress. Training video recordings will be requested to evaluate exercise execution.
  • Lab Analysis- resources will be available for lab testing and analysis. This includes but is not limited to: bloodwork, DUTCH Testing, and GI Maps.

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Program Time

12 Months, 6 Months, 4 Months, 3 Months, Monthly

Sean Irwin