Q: Do I still eat my meals in the same order if my training schedule is disrupted?

A: Insert your “pre workout” and “post workout” meals according to your training schedule. The other meals should be eaten in their normal order. The “pre workout” meal should be consumed 90-120 minutes prior to training. On rest days, simply follow the meals in order.

Q: How quickly can I eat again after eating a meal?

A: Please try to space meals at least 2.5-3 hours apart. Make sure you are chewing your food thoroughly and eating in a calm environment.

Q: Can I drink diet beverages?

A: Zero-calorie condiments, seasonings, and drinks are acceptable in tight moderation. 

www.TheFlavorGang.com is a great source.

Q: Can I use seasonings?

A: Yes. Salt is your friend, lightly and consistently salt your food with Iodized salt. Specific measurements may be put on your plan.

www.TheFlavorGang.com is a great source.

Q: Does my coffee count towards my water for the day?

A: All drinks consumed count towards daily fluid intake.

Q: If I’m “flexible dieting”, what happens if I cant hit my exact numbers?

A: You are allowed to fall over/under 10g of your daily protein and carb allowances; over/under 5g of your daily fat and fiber allowance. Track foods accurately using MyFitnessPal or other comparable apps. These smartphone applications offer a wide range of searchable foods, restaurant menus, and a barcode scanner. Use a food scale while cooking at home for accuracy. EVERYTHING ingested that contains calories must be measured and tracked.

Q: On my training plan what are “A” and “B” days?

A: Your split may contain “A” and “B” days. The structure of these training days may differ or be the same. The exercise selection however should vary. This allows for movement variability to prevent injury.

Q: What is a “working” set?

A: “Working” sets are to be taken to true failure with form intact. If form breaks down before you reach your end rep range, you are using too heavy of a load and need to shut the set down and reduce the weight. You should go into these sets with a “gun to the head mentality” with laser focus and intensity.

Q: What if I am unable to train on a busy day?

A: You can move rest days around within your training rotation as needed based on schedule.

Q: What do the “tempo” numbers mean in my training plan?

A: “Tempo” indicates the pace at which an exercise is performed. This can look something like (4-3-2-1). Each number represents the seconds spent in a portion of the exercise. The first Number indicates the eccentric (or negative) portion of the movement. The second number indicates the time spent in between the eccentric and concentric portion of the movement (ex: the bottom position of a squat). The third number indicates the concentric (or positive) portion of the movement. The fourth and final number indicates the time spent in the short or “squeezed” position (ex: the top portion of a squat).

Q: Is the nutrition plan a meal plan?

A: Yes, but I also provide macronutrients and calorie values. The athlete may make swaps if they have knowledge on tracking her own food. It is also something I coach through, as well, if an athlete doesn’t know how to track their macros.

Q: Is the nutrition plan restrictive or can we choose foods that we like?

A: The meal plan is based on foods you like and that settle your digestive system well. I keep the meal plan simple and easy to prepare/follow. There are no intricate meals. The macros for the meal plan are always listed, so the athlete has the freedom to substitute food as long as they stay within their macro targets.

Q: Are the protein sources weight raw or cooked?

A: All meat listed on the meal plan is after it is cooked, although you may weigh it raw the conversion will be slightly different. As long as the practice of weighing is the same throughout the coaching journey, both are fine. You cannot one day weigh raw and the next day weigh cooked. Always keep things consistent.

Q: What does the training program entail?

A: Training program is completely customized to the client’s schedule, based on the days one can commit 100%. The split is then created based on how many days those are. There are instructional videos to each exercise, you can log your progress, and have direct messaging to me which I respond to pretty quickly.

Q: Do you make adjustments to the program?

A: Yes, if needed, I make adjustments to both the nutrition plan and training program to ensure the athlete is continuously making progress towards their individual goal.

Q: How does the check-in process work?

A: On your diet plan document, there are questions you must fill out, along with sending in photos, and measurements. This must be sent EVERY Saturday before 3pm. Anything sent after 3pm I will look over until the following day or even week, because I do have face to face clients to attend, as well. 

Q: Can we reach out to you if we have questions throughout the week?

A: Yes, of course! If you are just a nutrition only athlete we will communicate via WhatsApp. If you are a training and nutrition athlete we will communicate via Trainerize. I have my phone on me 24/7, so I will always respond back almost immediately. Anything after 9pm I will respond to the next morning.

Q: Where are the measurements taken?

A: You only need to take 4 measurements which can be done on your own. Waist, hip, and both upper thigh circumferences. Waist is the smallest part of your abdomen, about 1.5’ above belly button give or take. Hip is the widest part of your glutes. Thighs are the widest part of your upper leg. There is a table on the questionnaire to list all the measurements.

Q: How should the photos for check-ins be taken?

A: Photos are not anything fancy, just set up your phone in a spot where there is good lighting, preferably in front of a window. Have either a self timer or take a video. All I need is 4 photos; front, back, and both sides. They can be relaxed or flexed, but all photos have to be consistent week to week. You cannot do one week relaxed and the next flexed.

Q: Do I weigh my meats raw or cooked?

A: You will weigh these raw. 

Q: Do you work with athletes that deal with PCOS?

A: I have worked with clients that have PCOS or any other metabolic disease, although I will state I am NOT a dietitian. The athlete must be currently working with a primary care physician to ensure they remain healthy throughout the journey, along with blood work being taken routinely. I feel that everyone is capable of achieving their goals no matter what obstacles may be in the way, some may just need to work a little harder than others.

Q: Do I weigh my meats raw or cooked?

A: You will weigh these raw. 

Q: Must I eat post workout right after training?

A: It is ideal for you to eat 30-60 minutes after your training session.

Q: What if you forget to weigh yourself?

A: Simply mark down that you missed and get back on track the next day.

Q: Can I switch out foods on my plan?

A: If you are a lifestyle athlete, yes. You must make swaps for items of similar macro breakdown. 

Q: What happens if I check in late?

A: You will likely be the last check in to be reviewed and this may result in longer wait times.

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