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Nick Bagley is an Online Bodybuilding Prep Coach and In Person Personal Trainer at Destination Dallas in Allen, TX. He started working out at age 16, but got more serious as he entered into college with the hopes of no longer being the small kid in class. Through the pursuit of being bigger, he quickly developed a passion for training and helping others with their fitness goals. Graduating from University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in Kinesiology, he moved to Texas to pursue becoming a personal trainer and breaking into the bodybuilding space in 2019. Along with his Bachelor’s Degree, Nick also has multiple other fitness certifications to add to his continuing education such as NASM CPT, PreScript Level 1 & 2 Coach, PreScript Nutrition, and J3U courses. Nick transitioned his passion for lifting and the stage into his full-time career and focuses on trying to improve the overall process of body transformation to make it a sustainable lifestyle and to help improve the longevity of that individual. He now primarily focuses on stage competitors for all categories and serious lifestyle transformation clients. Teaching athletes how to get more out of their training and nutrition so that they can move better, feel better and look better is his number 1 priority. He has built his experience through working with many different in person and online clients while continuing to build his education in Bodybuilding Coaching. His presence as a coach in the local Texas community has been climbing over the last few years with several class wins and, just this past year, 2 overall class winners at the biggest NPC Texas show, the Battle of Texas. Nick focuses on meeting the individual where they’re at and improving upon the systems they already have in place. Through effective and timely communication and above and beyond service, Nick wants to create a coaching environment that is second to none, providing the individual with as much information and education as possible.

Educational Background/Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology
  • NASM Behavior Change Specialist
  • Pre Script Level 1
  • Pre Script Level 2
  • Pre Script Skill Acquisition
  • Pre Script Nutrition
  • J3U Level 1
  • J3U Female Module
  • Mentoring under Dom Kuza

Expectations of the Athlete

  • Open and Honest Communication – the more we communicate and talk about our journey together, the better I can guide you in the right direction
  • Record Training Execution for Review – ensuring execution is the best it can be, the better and faster results we can achieve
  • Timely Check Ins – I am an in person training and single father so my time is very important and so that you get a response in a timely manner
  • 100% Effort – the only way we achieve any of the goals we’re after is if we give it everything we have
  • Professionalism – at the end of the day, how you handle yourself is a reflection back on me and my work

Expectations of the Coach

  • Open and Honest Communication – how can I expect you to be open and honest with me if I don’t do the same?
  • Review all training videos within 24 hours – want all feedback back to client in timely manner so we can be prepared by the next session
  • Respond to check ins ASAP – especially prep clients, timely response on my end ensures changes are implemented immediately
  • All questions answered during business hours – your questions are important to making sure were on the same page and executing correctly, I want as little time as possible for you waiting for an answer to keep things moving.
  • Adjustments made immediately – when adjustments to plan ARE NEEDED, changes will be made ASAP

Additional information

Program Time

12 Months, 6 Months, 4 Months, 3 Months, 2 Months, Monthly, 2 Weeks

Nick Bagley