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Courtney has a passion to help others reach their greatest potential by improving their health, which she believes leads them to improve their entire life. A fire was lit inside her when she made her own personal transformation, both physically and mentally. She was once doing 2-3 workouts a day, and going back and forth between restriction and binging. Now she wants to show her clients how to work smarter, not harder in order to achieve their goals! Courtney is a dedicated lifestyle coach and also an NPC bikini competitor. She creates individualized nutrition and training plans and has ambitions to create a community of like-minded people with similar goals. With a hands-on approach, she hopes to take an active role in her athlete journeys & be a source of support throughout the entire experience. 

Expectations of the Athlete

  • Full Transparency. Being open and honest with your coach is the main priority. Courtney cannot see the entire picture and make appropriate changes unless she is aware of all details in regards to adherence and biofeedback. 
  • Timely Communications. Courtney is due to receive all checks ins each Saturday by 3 pm CST. 
  • High Effort. Perfection is not a requirement for lifestyle athletes, however trying your best 100% of the time is.
  • Training Intensity. Courtney expects her athletes to focus and train to the best of their abilities. Courtney will review training videos to assure movements are being done safely and effectively. 
  • Positive Thinking. Courtney is a strong believer that where your mind goes, the body follows. It’s important to support yourself throughout your physique transformation. 


Expectations of the coach

  • Rapid Response Times. All check-ins should receive responses within 48 hours so long as they are turned in on time.
  • Exercise Review. Courtney will assess training videos to aid the athlete in using proper form.
  • Flexibility. Courtney is prepared to work with the athlete to assure their plan is catered to them. Her goal is to prescribe sustainable nutrition and supplementation protocols that are dependent on the individual. 
  • Support. Courtney is here to answer any questions and discuss concerns or feelings regarding one’s plan or progress.
  • Training Reference Videos. On the Trainerize app, Courtney will have an example video for every exercise that is listed. 

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Program Time

12 Months, 3 Months, 6 Months, Monthly

Courtney McMillian