Sean is an extremely driven Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Coach, Lifestyle Coach, and Personal Trainer. He is also an experienced Bodybuilding Athlete associated with some of the top competitors and brands in the sport. At an early age, Sean developed his passion for competitive preparation through various individualized sports that demanded peak levels of physical performance. He is constantly seeking out innovative and scientific approaches to maximizing client health as well as physical and mental output. Although he possesses specialty certifications in Performance Enhancement, he enjoys catering to a large array of fitness and lifestyle goals. Sean loves motivating, inspiring, and pushing people to achieve drastic results. Whether his client is striving for weight loss, a high-caliber athlete, or a hard-charging professional; he can create and implement effective programs to launch them to success.

Educational Background/Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition & Health
  • TPI Certified Level 2
  • Functional Movement Screen Certified Level 2
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Personal Trainer
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition: Exercise Nutrition PN1 • Masters Level PN2
  • Commission on Dietetic Registration: Trainer in Adult Weight Management
  • Functional Range Conditioning Specialist
  • University of Houston Men’s & Women’s Golf Fitness Trainer from 2015-2018
  • University of St. Thomas Men’s & Women’s Golf Fitness Trainer from 2018-current
  • Featured on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive
  • MyHealthCheck “Best HealthCheck Newcomer”
  • Reader’s Choice Awards Bloomington “Best Personal Trainer”
  • Yuma County Public Health “Volunteer of the Year”

Principles Of Coach Tiffany


Your check in sheet will be completed and sent out by Sunday of every week.


Consistent, fully completed, and on time check-ins in order to allow me to make timely changes to your program. Communication is key! Please be open with communication, as it will allow me to answer your questions and help you reach your goals best.


Transparency and honesty. We are all human and I expect that occasional flaws and errors will occur. This is completely normal and a part of the process! The key to being a great athlete is also being able to tell me when these things happen so we can work through them together.


Give all of your effort. The amount of effort that you put in to follow the plan will determine your rate of progress!

Expectations with Coach Tiffany


macro-based or meal-plan based. Show prep clients will more than likely be on a meal plan, especially the last few weeks leading up to the show. Your caloric intake/foods you eat are a key part in reaching your goals and will be used as a tool to understand your body and guide you to you body composition goals.


Include either steady-state or high-intensity forms of cardio. The specific form of cardio will vary among athletes and their goals. A daily step count recommendation or step goal is included under this service.


Custom programs are available in addition to nutrition coaching. Every training program is customized to the athlete and his or her goals. It is recommended that show prep clients follow both the nutrition and training plan together.


Recommendations are given based upon individual lifestyle and nutrition. Other general health or fitness supplementation is also recommended.


Accountability is important to stay on track toward your goals. Weekly check ins with progress photos are required in order for me to make adjustments to your plan and track your progress over time.